NewTel Real Estate specializes in servicing multifamily property owners and management companies with digital voice solutions. Developing this niche has served many of our real estate customers well, by providing them with significant savings, enhanced features and superior voice quality. Our ability to leverage their multi-location properties into one convenient solution, translates into reduced monthly line charges, consolidated billing and the ability to share resources between properties. NewTel Real Estate delivers savings and reliability to multifamily properties nationwide.

With the NewTel platform multifamily property owners:
Will typically save 20% - 40% on monthly phone bills

● Per line charges cost less than legacy phone systems.
● With a hosted solution you can cut back on additional lines.
● No more monthly maintenance or costly system upgrades

Make more appointments, close more leases

● With efficient call routing, more calls get through and that means your leasing staff are scheduling more property tours.
● Reports and analysis tools to identify the most effective marketing spend.
● Login from anywhere to keep an eye on the activity at each office. Review calls coming in, missed calls, hang ups and transfers.

Benefit from the many useful features

● Auto Attend (virtual receptionist).
● Enhanced Voicemail
● Intercom Paging
● Conference Calling, with alerts and invites
● Fax to Email, Email to Fax
● Find Me – Follow Me

NewTel Business Phone Benefits

* Dramatically lowers monthly phone bills
* Seamless business telecommunications
* Easy Setup, No ongoing Maintenance
* Free,customizable,easy-to-use features
* Turnkey Solutions
* High Quality, Best-in-class service
* High level of Expertise
* Aggressive Pricing

Along with many other beneficial features geared for the real estate professional, to enhance training and increase employee productivity