Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to NewTel?
Yes. We can transfer (port) your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to NewTel. The porting process takes approximately 10 business days until your current provider releases the phone number.

   How long does NewTel take to activate?
Your account is activated immediately and your phones will arrive in 3 to 5 business days already pre-programmed and are plug and play.

  What is involved in setting up our NewTel phone system?
The phones are plug and play and most settings, including the individual user settings and voicemail settings will be programmed already. A personalized training session will enable you to customize the rest of the settings.

   Can I use my current fax machine with NewTel?

   How much can I expect to save on my phone bill?
On average our customers save between 35% to 50%

  Does NewTel offer unlimited calling?
Yes, all lines have unlimited calling in the Continental US.

   Can I use NewTel for international calling ?
Yes, international calls may be placed using NewTel Systems. Depending the particular country, calls are charged per minute with our very low competitive rates.

  What kind of long-term commitment do I have to make?
No commitment is required. You may cancel at any time. We bill monthly and all major credit cards are accepted.

  What is a hosted PBX do I not need any equipment in my office?
NewTel is a fully managed solution hosted and managed by us in our fully redundant data facilities. This means that all equipment is our responsibility and you do not need to purchase or manage any equipment other then the phones on your desk.

  What happens when my internet or power goes down?
In the event your power or internet goes down your customers will have no difficulty reaching you! If your office is experiencing some form of outage, NewTel automatically rolls your incoming calls to each individual's pre-assigned number(s), which can include mobile, home office or other branch locations. With NewTel no calls are ever lost. In addition, you may place outgoing calls from your cell phone (or any phone) which will display your office's caller ID.

  Can I really take my extension or phone to a different city or country?
Yes. NewTel's phone service will work anywhere in the world with a high speed internet connection. Just plug your phone into a compatible network and you will be connected as if you are in your office.

  Are there additional charges for all the features you offer?
No, all our features, except for call recording, are free with the service. This includes many new features that are currently under development.

   What makes NewTel stand out from other providers?
NewTel offers very competitive pricing structures, additional functionality at no additional cost, bi-annual upgrades and superb customer service

  How reliable is your network/phone system?
NewTel's reliability exceeds THE 99.9% standard. This means that our system is full operationally virtually every second of every day and up and running 99.9% of the time. In the event of a surprise " technical challenge", the NewTel full time technicians at our data center, our redundant internet feeds and state-of-the-art monitoring tools will insure the reliability your business requires.

  Do I "own" my number? Can I keep my toll-free or local number if I choose to cancel?
The number that was transferred to NewTel or any numbers given to you by NewTel are your numbers; they belong to you. There is never a charge for transferring out your numbers.

   Can I use digitals phones from a former provider on NewTel System?
If your Phones are digital phones and use SIP technology then they should work with us. NewTel will work with your current hardware to make them fully compatible with our platform.

  Does NewTel support 911 calls?
Yes we are fully compliant with enhanced 911 (E911).

  Do we offer equipment leasing?
Yes, our financing department will provide you with phone leasing options.

  Are there any technical reasons why this phone system would not work in our office?
On the rare occasions that your location has a particular firewall or server that would prevent the phones from working properly, one of our technicians, specially trained in dealing with these issues, would work with you to make sure the problem is quickly resolved.

   What are the bandwidth requirements that are needed to support NewTel Systems and how will this affect my internet?
Most high speed internet connections are adequate to support the system. We would be happy to review your internet speed and verify its connection compatibility

   I am in a contract with my current carrier, what are my options?
Many carriers will allow you to terminate a contract after a 30 or 60 day notice period with no fee or at a nominal fee. We would be happy to work with you in reviewing your current contract commitment and make appropriate recommendations

   I have heard digital service/VOIP quality is not good, is that true?
Digital systems historically had a reputation of having quality issues but with the expansion and enhanced configuration of the internet back bone, quality and integrity has vastly improved. In addition, with NewTel state-of- the- art hardware and software your voice quality will be as good if not better then any system you currently have. We are also beginning the roll out of HD, providing a new era in voice clarity and quality. Voice quality has 2 sides: your network and our network. We can work with you to insure your network will function at its maximum. NewTel only interconnects with tier-one carriers in the US and around the world, to further insure delivery of high quality voice.

  I have never heard of NewTel; what happens if you go out of business?
You as a customer "own" your numbers and can port those numbers to any service provider in the US at any time. In addition your phone, the only piece of equipment that you purchased, is a state of the art Polycom phone and is compatible with most other service providers. Even though NewTel is new to your area, NewTel has been around a number of years and has thousands of lines that are operating today.

   What is E911?
E911 stands for Enhanced 911. It is an enhanced version of the 911 emergency service, and is provided by conventional phone companies. When you use this service, your personal information like name and address are automatically given to your local dispatch center or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). To dial E911, simply dial 9-1-1. This service is being included into VoIP packages, although the implementation is very slow and problematic. That's why you should always ask about 911 when contracting a VoIP service. When you sign for VoIP service, you must give a permanent address along with your name. If you change address, make sure you update it with your provider. If you use your VoIP service while on the move, then E911 might not be able to locate you as they only have a fixed address to locate you.