Responding to client calls, fax, and e-mail is becoming increasingly difficult for busy real estate agents. With the NewTel Real Estate hosted voice solution, professional real estate agents can stay on top of all their phone calls, be available for callers and more easily manage their business. Agents can communicate more effectively, which translates into greater productivity.

Today's competitive climate is constantly pushing real estate agents to improve their communications technology – this means having a flexible communications system that can help reduce costs while enabling you to respond to clients more quickly. The result is every agent's dream: no more missed calls and ultimately many more transactions.

At NewTel Real Estate we understand that whether your agents are meeting with a seller or running an Open House, they need to stay connected. When closing a deal our platform allows agents to bring together all parties through its advanced conferencing platform. The customizable auto attend and hunt groups will make certain your sales professionals address every incoming inquiry, whether on the road or at any company office.

Real Estate is an industry that values personal relationships and companies that choose NewTel hosted voice solutions, can gain an immediate advantage in the highly competitive marketplace. No longer miss a sales opportunity due to a missed call, our platform will send the call to multiple locations or have it delivered to a virtual receptionist and inform you immediately of any messages.

No more missed calls and lots more transactions!

NewTel Business Phone Benefits

* Dramatically lowers monthly phone bills
* Seamless business telecommunications
* Easy Setup, No ongoing Maintenance
* Free,customizable,easy-to-use features
* Turnkey Solutions
* High Quality, Best-in-class service
* High level of Expertise
* Aggressive Pricing